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My list of conventions for next year, so far! Hopefully these give me the chance to meet with a bunch of readers! Are you attending any of these:


Events in 2017-


Authors Unlimited: Writers Retreat and Convention Feb 16-19th

FREE (with a 3 night hotel stay)



Deliciously Dirty in Dallas May 2017



Deliciously Dirty in Denver June 9-10 2017 





Space Coast Book Lovers in Cocoa Beach Florida June 1-4 2017


What Reviewers Are Saying About Aconite

Lupo, witches and reincarnation. A very interesting combination, delivered in a manner that was fresh and inviting. Christine has brought forth a book that kept me hooked from the first page.


Undeniably Addicted to Books


Great debut book by this author, I loved the depth and detail she used to help me feel like I was a part of

the story. She created a great complex story line that kept me guessing through the entire story.


Kristi- Reviewer on Amazon

What Reviewers are saying about The Devil's Angel.

There were scenes that were downright horrifying and yet so important to the story line that i was amazed at the depth of emotion that was wrung from me. Hatred, Disgust, Awe, Humor, more disgust and yes a bit of HEAT. This book was amazing! I am kinda scared i enjoyed this twisted tale so much! The author has a brilliant ability to bring even the most twisted characters to vibrant life (pun intended for the vamp). I rooted for some, hated some and questioned all our sanity several times.

Jennifer- Reviewer on Amazon



There were some scenes that really shocked me and even made me gasp and put my hand over my mouth. But they were beautifully created that it worked well and everything in the book was so wonderfully woven together. And the heat. Oh my god. The hotness was almost too much to handle.

Brittany- Reviewer on Amazon


Author Christine Alvarez