Hell Hound Chronicles

Sealed in Blood was orginally released in the Unusual Seductions anthology. When the anthology ended, I extended the sex scene as well as add a few smaller changes, PLUS the first chapter of the next book Sealed By Fate..


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Sealed in Blood by Christine Alvarez


 An agreement sealed in blood, forged by theblind love of a mother for her daughter, but was it the right choice?
Claire, a being created from the union of man and angel, has been hidden inplain sight, her lineage kept a secret from everyone - including herself. Kyon,a Hellhound, has been sent to collect her soul, but one look and those planshave changed.
What happens when fate intervenes? When you fall for the soul you were meant totake? Or for the being that was meant to kill you?
All Hell breaks loose and you take on the demon's wrath. 


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Author Christine Alvarez